Roswell Connection UFO crash investigation of the robot people…

The ongoing case into the “Robot People Investigation” is  taken from the files of  agent Tray Marrow.
Just released at Amazon books “The Roswell Connection Investigation Of The Robot People” 
The intriguing story of artificial intelligence combined with robotics and the cloud. Scientist at Genesis 15 develop super micro implantable chip that will allow humans to be “One with the cloud”

Roswell connection is a riveting new story surrounding a UFO crash, artificial intelligence, robotics and the cloud. Survivors have emerged from the UFO crash. One of the survivors helps the Genesis 15 company develop a new super human implantable micro chip that will allow a human to be integrated as one with the cloud. He also helps scientist at the Genesis 15 company to develop new technologies that will integrate artificial intelligence into human like robots . The advanced robots are programmed to assimilate human behavior as they interact with humans. Special agent Tray Marrow has been hired to find one of the missing survivors who emerged from the UFO crash. and reunite him to others survivors. Back at the Genesis 15 headquarters a power hungry employee of Genesis 15 breaks into the high security lab and implants himself with the microchip that will allow him to become one with the cloud! The story continues to unfold as the power grid fails and a second UFO was sent on a rescue mission to rescue the survivors of the first UFO crash…

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Amazon books in Ebook and paper back –The Roswell Connection Investigation Of The Robot People

In this just released intriguing story,  you will read about a brilliant mans work and discoveries combining artificial intelligence with robotic humanoids and the impact of “THE CLOUD” in the wrong hands!


The ongoing case into the “Robot People Investigation” is  taken from the files of special agent Tray Marrow.

I met agent Marrow while taking at an artificial intelligence programming class at the local college.    My first impression of agent Marrow was that he was a  conservative man with a confident and   steadfast demeanor.  He was always fashionably dressed and when he spoke he was articulate and concise in what he had to say.  Upon talking to him for the first time  I found him to be someone who was well rounded and easy to talk to.  We hit it off  right away in a mutual cordial   friendship.    I think it was  probably due to the fact that we both had a deep interest the in subject of artificial intelligence, and  it’s impact on society.    After getting to know him for a few weeks he started to fill me in on a very interesting case he was working on. He dubbed his case as  “Robot People Investigation”   As he began to tell me about the case. “It sounded  like something   straight out of a sci fie movie!  I was sincerely intrigued, and although the story sounded far fetched.  I could not take myself away from the fact that he was such a  believable,  intelligent and articulate man.    His fascinating account came to be one story I could not shy away from.

I convinced him that getting it out into the public would be of interest to a large audience. It may even have some impact on someone who may have had similar experiences. He agreed, with the stipulation that   his name and the names of his clients would be fictitious so as to protect everyone’s privacy.

 Special note to the reader

In the event you do decide to follow this case, you will have a front row seat and given access to the weekly reports as this investigation unfolds. The full story of what agent Marrow eye has witnessed and experienced is a truly fascinating one without bias as to facts or fiction.

The case starts here

In his own words:  Case,file #306 The Roswell Connection Investigation of the Robot People

As an investigator, it is my job to report the facts and the facts alone. My personal bias or feelings should not have any impact as to what I must report to my clients. I only report the facts. I do not impose my personal opinion on what I was hired to investigate. As to weather “Robot people” really do exist, I will leave it up to you to decide as you follow this case.  I can only provide the facts as to what I have encountered as an investigator in this case. Regardless to whether one accepts or denies that robot people exist, one can plainly see that our advancement in robotics/artificial intelligence has grown  exponentially.   Without question,  artificial  intelligence has become a part of our everyday live. We talk to our phones and ask what the weather will be or names and addresses of restaurants.  In our homes, we ask our artificial devices sitting on our countertops to play our favorite music or perhaps give us a recipe on how to make a cake. The list goes on and on.The fact remains that this form of scientific advancement is not going away but only advancing.  The one factor I learned while taking a class on artificial intelligence was that it is there to serve.   It speaks only when spoken to and in it’s present form is designed to serve rather than give the order.  Let’s hope it stays that way!  Artificial intelligence has rapidly made it’s way into our everyday existence  and has done so without much fanfare.  It sort of sneaked up on us.   Before you know it, you find yourself talking to a kindly spoken voice inside a device on your kitchen counter. Up to now the only thing that we do not see in our artificial intelligence devices is a face.

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